Tuesday, June 01, 2010

#IEL2010 Gaming Design Workshop (Part 1)

Good to see the gang again. Digging the Chicago jersey, Mark!
I am dragging folks along with me this year. If you all are lucky - you will meet the infamous Sid ;)

Gaming Design Workshop - Brenda Brathwaite

This year - games in the social space.

What is game design improv?
- Chance to stretch yourself as an educated person
- Challenge yourself
- Work with new friends
- Chance on innovation

The value of a good designer lies in his or her ability to turn anything into a game
- That is where innovation is often found.

If you do no work towards it - isn't worth much.
- More satisfying to destroy the person bidding on the item when you win it on eBay

4 challenges overall

As game designers - you forgot everything you need to know.
- We already know how to have fun.

Make some garbage!!!

Every game - running towards or away from something.
- Draw a line, mark beginning and end
- How do you get there?
- What happens on your turn?
- How many players?
- What speeds you up / slows you down?
+ the game? Events? Other players?
+3 things to slow down
+ 3 things to speed up
- Discuss abominations.

Monopoly is a hostage situation.
- 1st round interesting (Boardwalk / Park Place)
- by 3rd round, you know who is going to win!

Euro games - imagine if you could enjoy the game all the way to the end?
- What if the game is not all about competition?

Quake - if play co-op - fun! No massive skill mismatch.

Design a game from a topic
- Need 12 topics - 6 good, 6 bad (ranged from Disney to Doritos to Al Qaida to Congress - guess where they fell....)
- Roll d6 to determine column you're in and which topic do you get
- Break into teams
- ETA - 45 minutes
- Present idea and discuss challenges

Our game idea - Goldman Sachs
- Core of the game - Maximize my profit + positive reputation. Long term

- 3 or 4 features
+ 2 paths - maximize profit honestly or dishonestly
+ Reputation development / profit development - deal by deal
-- found out - reputation points up and down
-- Profit v. client - always choose client. Max profit over 100 years.
-- penalizes making reputation mistakes over the long term
+ Sim / Civilization - type, turn based
+ Multi-player. (in cohorts)
+ Customer (fees, bid acceptance = function of reputation)
+ Levels - implicit to game until end of stage when told (look at bloomburg)
-- angry or happy clients through avatars / tone

- Features
+ Deals created through the corporate data (starting from 1 mo ago - backwards, dynamic).
+ Bloomburg-style news service - focused on the deal at hand "random popup". Will also provide "game news"
+ Stock ticker
+ Lending rate + legislation

- Define avatar or character - Goldman Sachs bank head (you....)
- Platform - PC (closed environment - corporate)

- Estimate budget 70 million dollars (because it's goldman)

- Estimate release date - July 2010

We had thought about an investment banking simulator. That had already been done.

Other games
- Dancing with the stars game.
+ Leaderboards are HUGE. Points are HUGE. Very powerful

- Al Qaida - Embrace your inner terrorist
+ If something has a system, you can make a game out of it
+ America's Army - model for recruitment game

- United Airlines - traveler and agent.
+ Avg. facebook game - 1/4 mil, 90 days.

- Enron - rejuvenate the brand
+ Rebuilding the brand - give player sense of ownership. Give them compassionate role.

- Goldman Sachs (our game)
+ Design in the anti-game. People like playing the anti-game

- National Geographic - Aliens visit the natural wonders

- Doritos - Baked v. Normal. Create a new flavor.
+ (like the Ben and Jerry site)

- Disney - "play disney - multi levels"
+ Cited by level designers in their environments. "Almost there....then taking your money"
+ Heavy reuse of assets is a good thing.
+ Play lots of games to get idea of mechanics
+ "We get to make a game!" Can get them to learn anything! Then make them research!!! (hehehe) You are grading what they get out of it - not the game!

- BP - Increase knowledge of cleaning environment (oil spill)
+ If you reach x points, BP - donates to environmental charity
+ Training volunteers
+ If you play a game - really all about learning.

We like unlocking things. We like getting better.


Aaron said...

This post is a whole hunk of WIN, Wendy.

Wendy said...

I reckon between the 2 of us - we should be able to capture most of the conference. The benefit I have is that I don't have to present ;)