Tuesday, June 01, 2010

#IEL2010 Game Jam

Sid and I were a team for the Game Jam.

Those of you at Innovations in eLearning will know her real name. For the broader audience - I am going to maintain her anonymity so I can still include her in my blog and keep us both out of too much trouble.

The challenge: Create a facebook game about novelists.

Having worked together before made the project much easier than it seemed to be for the other teams.

Other advantages - Sid is a HUGE gamer. I am a more casual gamer. We are both familiar with Facebook and it's games.

During lunch, we found an idea. I let Sid run with it freeform. She was super-excited, so I thought it best to stay out of the way. Occasionally - I'd add some small thing that triggered some other ideas.

Eventually - I sat down and tried to graph out the gameplay. This gave us a logical foundation and showed us any gaps.

This short process allowed us to start creating our 3 panels early. Sid did most of the art. My artistic skills are pretty much limited to stick figures. You will be able to guess which panel is mine ;)

I will be taking pictures of the game boards tomorrow.

Hopefully - our idea wins. Sid is feeling pretty confident....

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