Thursday, June 03, 2010

#IEL2010 Follow-Up Thoughts - Wednesday

This is an open letter to my colleagues:

I had a chance to talk to Maria Andersen (@busynessgirl).

She wondered:
- Are there any Wordpress Multi-User installations in our organization and how are they used?

- What are we using for streaming video? I know on the staff-level we are using a YouTube channel. She was looking for something secure. Had high praise for Jing Software.

I need to figure out what the Academic side is doing for streaming video.

I'll share my findings when I hear from my colleagues.

BTW - Thanks Maria for the conversation. And for tolerating my lousy sense of direction. I think we took the longest path to your hotel short of going into DC.


During Mark O's first Social Media Bootcamp session - we got an illustration of the fear that traditional, credentialed experts will feel when creating a social media culture.

“What if they don’t pay attention to me?”
Are they paying attention now? How do you know?

“Isn’t bringing a laptop to class like bringing a newspaper?”
Are you leveraging that power in your class?

Right now – I wish I had audio of that exchange. Mark essentially answered most of the


Among some of Mark's audience - there were regular comments about Twitter being a noisy stream of useless information. One of the techniques I use is being more discriminating about who I follow.

Most of the folks I follow give (for me) a good ratio of “here is stuff I need professionally” vs “here is some information about my life”

The professional stuff is useful. The personal information makes that resource more human and real.


At the opening reception, I had a chance to talk to Jay Allen (@jay_a_allen) and Aaron Silver about how we use our Twitter accounts.

Jay has a couple of accounts – a personal account (what I had for dinner) and a professional account.

Aaron (@mrch0mp3rs) and I (@wwickha1) are of the mind that we want one voice across platforms. Take us all – take it or leave it.

Both approaches are valid – but if you are combining your personal and professional, one word of advice…

Don’t drink and tweet.

The Monday holiday messed me up. Today is Thursday. Yesterday was Wednesday. I don't know how to label my posts ;)

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