Thursday, June 03, 2010

#IEL2010 - Conversations and Observations

I have had a series of interesting conversations during this conference.

Jim Rich cornered me after Brent Schlenker's session. I sat down and wrote some notes. I trust he will add to them in the comment area ;)

mLearning Media Agility
- make the original item agile enough for different devices.

Idea from color-printing. 1 image, standard master. Multiple / different kinds of color inks.

Master file / then make pdf, mlearning, html, print. Documentation. Generally – how do you make your content more agile?

Think about the eBook process. Make your own book sites.
How do you get there?

Content is content.

Do you re-do it every time? Was problem in print until 15 years ago. Now easier to adjust with the new technologies.
- Depending on the media – may have different design elements (font sizes, layout etc)
- Smart agents to guide to right output.

Skill – how do you re-package? How do you design so that it works across all media?
- Search and reuse?

Think beyond the single use.


Did I mention that Sid and I won the GameJam Judges choice award?

Hope to post on the Game Jam contestants later......


The usual suspects (Aaron, Rovy, Brent, Clark, Stephen Martin....) are doing the conference with the iPad vs. a laptop. Feedback is positive from all corners.


We are still talking about user-centered. Have been for at least 5 years.
The notion of anytime/anywhere training and support is not entirely new.

Yet when we get back to our desks - we are still designing teacher-centered (to varying degrees).


Are we making this harder than we need it to be?

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