Monday, May 31, 2010

#IEL2010 Conference Test Post

An apology to all of my non eLearning friends on Facebook and Twitter. You will be bombarded with posts over the next 3 days as I blog my notes from the Innovations in eLearning conference.


The Innovations in eLearning conference is one that I make it a point to attend every year. First, it's cheap for my employer - no travel! Second, it is small - I get to see many of my eLearning friends and spend quality time with them. Third, it contains the most cutting-edge ideas in practice (not just in theory).

This year, they are webcasting the keynotes!
Link to the webcasts.


I figured the conference was a good occasion to resurrect the blog from a long nap. Since I have the blog connected to twitter and facebook - it allows me to reach a large audience quickly. The longer format allows me to take and distribute notes in a way that I can refer back to. And my employers like this approach :)

Just to let you know what I've been up to since February:

- Still in the throes of the politically sensitive project. There is nothing going on in this project that I haven't seen or written about before (both good and bad).

The dates kept getting pushed back - resulting in me being out of the office for 2 weeks during one of the most sensitive points in the project.

Thankfully, our team hired a very competent individual who has more than picked up the slack. For those of you at the conference, I will be introducing him to you during the week.

- For those of you who are curious, we wound up doing Plan A anyway. Because we are training out of order (ie: trying to train an application before it is actually finished), my expectation of having anything actually stick is zero. The only good news is that many of the "students" are folks who were in the first phase of this project. They have been unusually understanding. We will be seeing them again during the next month as they attempt to get real work done.

- Interpretive dance is an important skill to possess. Often, more important than any technical chops you may possess.

- I did manage to create a number of online tutorials for the politically sensitive project. They are out for review. To date it only looks like I will need to redo one. For an application that isn't quite finished, that's a good percentage.

- In the middle of all of this I managed to get one of my regular classes revamped as a result of an upgrade.

- Oh yeah, we are FINALLY making progress on getting our SkillPort library turned into an approximation of an LMS. At least - part of one. One day, I will sit down and tell you all about our plans.


I hope 2010 has found everyone well! For those of you attending IEL2010 - see you in Fairfax!