Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting Out of the Way

Last week, I had the privilege of "training" some of our senior IT techs on our synchronous online meeting tool.


Here's what happened.

I walked in with a rough outline and some documentation.
Because I knew these guys - I gave them a rough model of how to do stuff.
(The "Tools" menu is your friend).

Oh yeah - and they had upgraded the system just the week before, so I had no IDEA what new features were in place. Plus, most of our licenses have been taken over by the academic side, so I don't use this instructional tool very often.

My role was not "sage on the stage" so much as "clueless person to play with."

(Sr. IT Tech 1) Hey - can we do video teleconferencing on this thing?
(Me) idea...there wasn't a video feature in the last version
(Sr. IT Tech 2) Guys! I found a video button!!!
(rest of team clicks on it, along with the trainer) Oooooh!
(Sr. IT Tech 3) Hey Wendy - you need to get some webcams so we can play more!!!!
(Sr. IT Tech 4) Hey look! We can take control of someone's computer without giving moderator access
(Me) Cool! Where's that?
(Sr. IT Tech 4) Tools > Sharing > Control Desktop
(All) Ooooooooh!

Rinse and repeat for an hour.

So what was my value add?

I provided a safe place to play.
Some encouragement.
Hints from having used it before.

And a good foil.

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