Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Hockey Break

One of the fantastic things about living near an NHL practice rink is the ability to catch hockey in July.

I managed to catch the first period of the Washington Capitals Development Camp scrimmage. Loved how they brought John Walton from the Hershey Bears to call the game, provided "goal" music and horns, and generally made it as close to a real game as possible.

With better seats. Managed to get right up against the glass. Better to see how big these guys are.

This was the view first entering Kettler IcePlex. Blue v. White.

As you can see, many of us had the same idea. Taking pictures against the glass. With cellphones (though props to the girls who actually brought a digital camera.

Unfortunately, none of my pictures caught:

- How BIG Joe Finley is. 6'7" 250 doesn't sound nearly as large as this guy appears in real life.

- The SAME Joe Finley racing down the ice to obliterate check whoever is going after the puck. I can see Ref's calling Icing just to save the poor sap who dares to go after the puck against the boards.

- Dmitri Kugreyshev's resemblance to Alexander Semin when playing. Very impressed with this guy. Didn't get a chance to catch Orlov (the "man-crush" among the Caps bloggers during this camp)

- The size and enthusiasm of the crowd. Fans ALL over the rink - cheering great plays. A more intimate (and sober) version of the Verizon Center.

The Twitter and blog coverage has been fantastic.

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Tarik El Bashir - Washington Post beat writer. Twitter feed
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Is it October yet?

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