Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Last minute prep

One of the most exciting things about preparing for a class on a tool still in the throes of configuration is the excitement of not knowing what you will find when you go into training.

I spent the final afternoon before the training sessions start making sure I could do what I needed to do the next morning.

They had just finished installing a major build. Like, this morning.

As anticipated, things didn't quite work the way they were supposed to.
Actually, they didn't work at all.

So Developer (an alias, not his real name) and I spent an hour on the phone picking through the various issues.

I was thrilled he was willing to spend the time with me to get everything resolved.

His response:

I'm happy you are doing this NOW so we can make sure things are working well ahead of time.

I forgot how much people like it when their teammates try to anticipate issues BEFORE they happen.

From bitter experience, we both know that just because we are doing all of this preliminary work does NOT mean that we aren't going to run into major hiccups first thing tomorrow morning. But at least we can later look at each other square in the eye later on, knowing that the other did what they could. Besides, the blame game when you are standing in front of a full class with no working machines is not a particularly productive way to go.

To complicate matters for tomorrow morning - I am walking into a classroom where the computers have all just been replaced. First user. No IDEA whether any of them work. And I need ALL of the computers in the room to work (full house - both classes). Oh, and those computers won't be ready until.....tomorrow morning.

Fear and pessimism - powerful motivators for preparation....

Say a prayer to the technology gods for me, will ya?

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