Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Initial Training Plan for Vignette

A little background on Vignette as it applies to my institution.

For this project, I am training folks on two editing tools.

The first is a tool I am calling "VCM". This is the "back-end" editor and allows bulk content loading and publishing along with the ability to work with files not ready for assignment to a particular location on the web site.

The second is a tool I am fondly calling "Preview." This is a copy of the actual site with focused access to VCM for editing. They click a pencil, make the changes in the content, save the content.

Preview allows the content contributors to see what the content will look like on the site and how it will behave before it is actually published to the site. Preview has the added advantage of minimizing the amount of time the content managers have to spend looking for the correct file to edit.

The challenge, from an instructional design perspective, is determining the correct balance of information between the two tools for the different audiences. Since we are in implementation phase, there is significant bulk content management activity. Going forward, however, most of their time will be in the Preview area fine-tuning material.

The entire team is aware that the first two days of classes may result in some changes as we figure out the optimum balance between the two tools.

We gave each class 3.5 hours.
- 60-90 minutes of "training"
- 2+ hours of "work time"

All of the training will be in the live Vignette server. Risky, but necessary since the development team is still implementing builds in the test server that I would normally use for training.

Not a big deal - they would need to be in the live server anyway to get their work done.

Besides, this allows me to show them how to do some user account configuration. Shortcuts = Happy people.


We will also be working with the document management tool the teams are using to organize their content. Flying a bit blind as to how familiar the content contributors are with the document management tool. Hopefully, I won't have to spend too much time on this application.


The final objective to all this - by the time the student is kicked out of my classroom, they have gotten some content in the live system and they are reasonably comfortable with the tools at their disposal.


I will be writing at the end of each day.

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