Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 2: How to Punt

My sacrifices to the technology gods were for nought on Friday.

System up.
System down.
UserID and permission issues.

Thankfully, I was prepared for anything life threw at me.

I probably could have trained without electricity.

Good thing, because it had practically gotten to that level of badness.

In a fit of necessary optimism, I decided to use the day as an opportunity to practice my punting skills.

Here are the tools I had at my disposal:
- Quick References. Also known as "teaching from the book."

- PowerPoint. I had a baseline PowerPoint presentation. Thankfully, as hidden slides for my reference, I also had multiple screenshots of the processes I planned to demonstrate. So glad I stopped myself from deleting these slides.

- A secondary / test site. Though this was up / down / suffering from some of the same problems as the site I was training on.

- Enough presence of mind to remember the above resources. This is a result of experience. Sadly.

- A sense of humor. Maybe the most important punting resource of all.

It was a long day. I will hear the results of my efforts towards the end of this week as to whether I even came close to my objectives as a result of these obstacles.

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