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#IeL09 Technology and the Next Gen Learner

Presentation: In School Suspension - Technology and the Next Gen Learner
Presenter: Dr. Adrian Sannier, CTO Arizona State

Thought experiment
- If you agree - "now what do I do"
- Don't agree - "I can catch my flight"

We are for the first time in our history
- Technology rich
- Practice poor

Reason why we are practice poor - because we were technology poor

The further up the food chain you go with educators - "it's a fad."

Imagine a genetic mutation arises in people
- the mutation causes young people have the capacity for telepathy
- the kids stare into space. "I'm talking to people."
- Kids also have power - have infinite memory.
+ We've taken photographs.

Never in human history has is been so easy to photograph and movie and tag and create and catalog experience and recall so quickly.

They take this for granted.

So how do you really teach these people?

IN Dumbledore's universe - a culture on using powers.
- Long tradition of how to do it.

We aren't in this position because we don't know what to do with these powers.

Maybe we need Prof. Xavier - new powers on new people
- He can kinda figure it out.
- Problem - no Prf. Xavier

SO what do we do....put em in class like we normally do.

Of course, the kids use the powers to game the system.
- so what do we do - we BAN the power.

Now if you are a kid with these powers, and the only place you are not allow to use them - in school.
- What relavance does this have to your life?

THe professor is in an arms race.
- Realized the kids use a DEVICE.
- I just need a way to zap the device

Problem - the kids we are boring, are paying our old age.

Problem - we are maligning these powers.
- Where do you get off tellling them that?!?

We don't understand them.

Xbox Live - most advanced simulation in a world. Can play games with people everywhere
- THe games deep and complicated
- Kids don't read the instruction manual.
- Spending entire life formulating complicated strategies.

Leeroy Jenkins. [ this dude is acting it out ]

We are missing an entire CULTURE.
- What's good, what's bad, how it works, how used......

Culture comes from education.
- Problem - instead of figuring out, we push downward

THe whole desire to ban what we don't understand [happened throughout history with new technologies]

We are not keeping up.

We all know what a search looks like. It looks like a box!
ASU Library example - go look at the page
- How many clicks does it take to get to the damn article!!!!!!

TL DNR - too long do not read. [yup - like my blog post]
- survival skill on internet - not to get sucked into unneccesary reading

Boolean searches - not so critical anymore
- computers do this well, why do we need to know.

We teach handwriting
Kids learn on their own how to type, use internet, search, adding
- We are overcomplicating our search design.

How its supposed to be
- There's your portal
- There's your search
- There's your article

His challenge - they are the only research university in a city of 3.5 million
- hundreds of thousands of people need education
- Problem: no new schools
- We need to figure out how to provide a first class education for twice as many students!

ASU - from 50k to up to 100k + 100k distance learners.

Lots of us will have to be involved - keep going back

Technology is the only goose that keeps getting better / cheaper...
- Allows them to tap into more....

A decade before - university had highest level of tech spending
- Company - lose internet, email, technology

Now - universities not highest level of tech
- Amazon knows mom better than I do.....
- We get better flat. A litte at a time. Google and Amazon on the curve

Video - Google Data Center

IT industrialized in 20 years
- Alvin Toeffler had it right.
- Standard industry - 150-200 years. You could adjust!

When ASU decided to switch to GMail - converted in 2 weeks.
- Gave the students a choice. 300 students switch in an hour.
- [They had same experience that we did did.]

The transition to GMail is the golden use.
- NOW - everyone has lots of quota, a calendar, other tools

Communicate for free in infrastructure provided by school.

THe CTO gave up! Joined the aliens

[note to my bosses - talk to this guy about GMail implementation]

THey dismantled their rich media installation and now use iTunes U.
- Anything you create - becomes internationally known.
- How do you distribute rich media now?

Whatever curve you are on - when the disruptive curve crosses you, you should be out of business.
- SHoot the person if they want you to use their products on your servers.

Run to the cloud as fast as you can.

ASU is dumping stuff like mad.
- Used to connect campuses by microwaves. Problem: in summer bandwidth go down during day because the water towers would swell
- switched to Quest - now ...erm really high tech

Data Center - outsourced

These are substitution technologies. Not even where the benefit comes from

REAL benefit - modifying what learning is.

Gotta harness the new powers.

5 schools using Kindle to distribute textbooks.
- Finally got the eBook.

Technology rich - practice poor. Classic example with textbooks
- Publishers have a good racket

Essentially need to change the model.

Access to Google = access (ultimately) to every book ever made
- right now 270k titles available for kindle

Amazon - 30% of sales now electronic.
- made a device specifically for textbooks.
- the kindle ultimately cheaper. Everyone makes money (maybe not the SAME money)
- kindle still a replacement tech

We need publishers to start creating simulations
- resources

Boiler - Elements....

Also reduces reliance on the textbook. New version - can also read PDFs, other media

Beginning to take their social networks and importing into facebook.
- Increasing engagement

We are NOWHERE NEAR modification

Clayton Christensen - Disrupting Class
- Innovators Dilema- how technologies disrupt existing markets (example film to digital photography)
- Kodak was at really high level on the performance curve. Made sustaining innovation.
+ Big changes disrupt system and customers.
+ Kodak in 1960s had huge research lab. Started investing in digital in 1960s. But could never introduce it, because they make film....
+ Big industry for them to disrupt.
- Finally needed a 4 billion dollar disruption.
- Very tough to switch businesses when high functioning.

Higher ed running into same issue.

Christensen - innovation will come down market.
- In places not so prestigeous.
- Military is going as much innovation as anybody.
+ Can't just leave and go to harvard.

THinking books won't be the web.
When you see an MIT professor explain momentum and have free access, don't have to go to the school etc.....

We are also going to have to reckon with the half-life in education
- We've been dealing with this in technology for a long time.
+ think about how different what you know is in 2 years if you are in the tech industry

This way that we teach, where there is an "expert" and "lectures"
- gotta end. Because you find yourself retreating.

If we don't switch to a way where the teacher's job is to guide learning for yourself....

Redefining literacy 2.0
- math
+ WolframAlpha
+ Tip of the iceburg. Can now use math!!!!
+ Open Learning Initiative (Carnegie Mellon)
+ Need to see math as SKILL. Learn using tools. Like Excel.
+ Lockhart's lament.
- reading and reading critically
- writing, may need to be different.
+ One of the powers they have - can produce essays quickly.
+ At work, producing document that describes stuff - what do you do? Pull stuff down and SYNTHESIZE
+ Writing - now teaching VALUE-ADD
+ Also - multi-media constriction
Teach how to find, synthesize and rework so value added.

Use the tools that are REAL.
- Ones actually use.

Get them to use the technologies to keep us learning.

Innovations going to come from people like us - the downmarket folks.

Folks doing work for the military
Kaplan, University of Phoenix....

If you have the idea that something fundamental has to change......he did his job.

Issue of Cloud and software as service
- "we can't do that" Really everywhere.....
- Bank vs matress. Gradually clear that the bank could ultimately give more security.
- WHo cares about your email more - the 3 guys running it or the dudes at Google where the mail can't even be found.
+ Plus, you have a contractual protection with them.
+ Your internal

Universities beginning to really analyze what they have - starting to be no-brainer.

If you are cut off from this innovation - you cannot keep up.......even close.....

Conditioning - like baby birds are fed. Conditioned to consume rather than participate.
- Guess what - not SAFE for you is to do what you've been doing.
- If you lose the job you have, you may not get another.

Key Skill - gotta be able to climb the value chain.

We do people a disservice by catering to folks desire to not think.

1-to-1 Make sure every student comes to school with laptop at ASU.
- University distributes, gets a bit of coin
- What they get as coin - they can give the laptop to the 4% who cannot afford a laptop.
- What they complain about the most - they don't use the tools in school! They expect professors to respond to email... Want materials online.

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