Thursday, June 04, 2009

#IeL09 GameJam Projects

This year's symposium featured a Game Design workshop. Participants created proposal boards for judging by the conference participants and Will Wright.

This easily falls under the "how cool is that?!?!" category. Feedback from one of the top guns in the industry.

Oh yeah - my apologies for the cruddy pictures. And the really brief captions. Not much time between sessions.

Also - keep in mind they did all planning in under 3 hours without knowing each other.

Anyone who has been involved in these projects can comment to me on Twitter.
- Please DM @wwickha1

Voting for your favorite closes at 5:00PM EDT. Thanks Much!

Board 1

Project: Choose Your Own Journey
Team: Robin Seitz, Kat Shamapeade, James McDaniel

Concept: PC-based game, Sims Model. Plan a trip to an adventure of your choosing. Will be given realistic obstacles - just like real life.

Board 2

Project: Danger Ranger
Team: Wiley Boland, Heather Schmaedeke, Emily Fairbanks, Peggy Oriani

Concept: Create your own obstacle course with 6 elements. You are given 2 tools to get through the obstacle course in a certain amount of time. You also discover tools during the obstacle course that you can use. PC-based.

Board 3

Project: Cascades
Team: Debbie Bohn, Terri Ann Gingab, Greg Kramer, Drew Rabin

Concept: Direct the flow of water using symbolic and linked obstacles. How the water flows determines the course of the story. The water is an analog for life. Wii-based.

Board 4

Project: Success
Team: [Can someone on the project DM me your names? Thanks]

Concept: 1 year of real life. Game lasts 20 years total. Real-time decision making with scenarios involving time and money. Player chooses from varied life goals to determine what success means. Played on PC/Mac/Mobile phone.

Board 5

Project: SH** Happens
Team: Dan Blinton, Charles Gluck, Barbara Rosholdt

Concept: Version of the card game FLUXX. Collect a dream card to start. Then collect all of the goal cards that support the dream. Use the SH** card to hinder your opponent's dreams.

Board 6

Project: Shady Acres
Team: Monica Jackson, Paul Alfieri, Owen Gadeken

Concept: Nursing Home simulation. Care for 10 residents. Measured on health, happiness and money. Web-based / interactive

Board 7

Project: Permanent Campaign
Team: Stephen Martin, Maria Anderson, Dan Petrak, Richard Sebastian

Concept: You are an ambitious candidate. Goal: Presidency of the US. Collection of Mini- Games. Wii based
- Work the Room. Shake hands and meet people
- Teleprompter Kareoke - Deliver the speech. Use Rock Star-type voice recognition
- Choose advisors
- Dodge the Question.
- Office serves as central command and information post. Watch the poll numbers

Board 8

Project: Legacy
Team: [Can someone on your team DM me your names? Thanks.]

Concept: Manage life points. Choose a legacy. Scenarios include choosing a first job, family, retirement, etc.


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