Friday, June 05, 2009

#IeL09 Friday Morning Keynote

Presentation: The Second Transformation
Presenter: Frank Anderson

Asked why are we investing time and resources in doing this conference?
- To create a learning environment for DoD - we need to create an environment internally.

Helps having people excited about new ideas.
- DAU has created one of largest e-Environments in the world.

First transformation
- Trying how to create a better environment for the workforce
- How to improve reach and products and credibility

Second transformation
- Move to a true learning environment where empower EVERY employee to be an everyday learner.

Moving from learning as "benefit" to learning as "required competency"
- Shelf life of knowledge much shorter
- What you know today will depreciate
- What employees know today has a short shelf life! Organizations intellectual capital also depreciates!

Has one of the largest acquisition libraries in the world.
- little value if trapped in four walls
- Creating avenues to make this library available to the workforce as needed

Trying to create 24/7 enviroment for learning
- Give employees control of when

Have a learning asset design division, a learning asset delivery division, and the admin
- Working on the largest funded growth of acquisition workflow. (15% between now and 2015.
- Driving a lot of partnerships w/ academia (internships, recruiting out of college, etc)
- Greatest concern - takes too long to hire and get person on board.

24/7 learning assets for the classroom and workplace
- We can no longer be trapped by a classroom learning paradigm.
- We can no longer be trapped by location.

Accelerated growth and sustained expertise
- When do resident training course - highest point of retention, last day of class.
+ If not using it on job - only thing remember about the class is the jokes. Other material disappear rapidly.
- Must shape learning environment in way there is "reach-back" capability
+ Delivery at learning point of need.

This is a competative advantage.
- Need it, emotional attachment, gonna use it
- Get all those points together - high retention

77% of students now touched by e-learning
- No New funding in pulling this off. Reallocation and thinking through new delivery.
- Deal up front - we never bought into paradigm that you do eLearning to cust costs.
+ NEVER get into that deal with the leadership team
+ Can save cost by just not doing training
- Their partnership with leadership
+ We can expand reach, deliver just in time.
+ Any savings need to be reapplied to university - we need to reallocate. Improve the learning investment
- 9,000 1st time students each month
- 2008 largest delivery year. 36,000 classroom, 118,391 elearning. 25% increase in graduates
- This year predicting 185k grads across all resources.

New learning assets
- Now have 248 CLC Modules and 33,332 total graduates
- Modules turned off as made obsolete
- These are Self-paced resources!!!!
- People choose resources they want when they want them.

We have 75k people who would have NEVER been touched who are using these modules.

We no longer expect them to remember everything.
- The resources are there to refresh when they have a need to renew their expertise.

Performance Support
- Taking faculty members who go into field
- Work on issues the field workers are actually working on!!!!
- Helping in the actual environment! Solve everyday real problems.

Realigned brick and mortar infrastructure so closest to DAU population centers

Now have world-wide reach with eInfrastructure.
- Now true 24/7 capability
- Time / space / distance

- About expanding reach!!!!!!

80k employees who sign up for courses every month
10k are folks doing this for the first time

We touch over a million students annually with assets
- this is reach

Is e better than classroom?
- Some things we do better in classroom. Some in e environment

Only through e
- As people deploying to New Orleans
- Rules of engagement being built on the fly
- People from multiple agencies
- Needed a place to centralize the rules of engagement where EVERYONE can go
- Created community of practice and given to all federal agencies
- "Go to this web site - get the latest"
- Can't DO this in the classroom.

Won a lot of awards - corporate university

People are more productive when they enjoy what they do.

First Transformation - looking at reach and improving the quality of assets
Second Transformation - Learning at the Point of Need

An employee, no matter where they are
- 3 clicks or less the goal
- When person shows up at 8am - they know everything.
+ NOT because they memorized it. They can get to it.

Organizations who are not transitioning from classroom-centric to employee-centric are in trouble
- Understand, they are doing more classroom training
- But NOT classroom centric

Create an environment for collaborating, innovating, and critical thinking by deploying technology for:
- Intact Team Training
- Story-based scenarios
- Immersion in Defense RElevant Business games and simulations
- New virtual worlds and web 2.0
- Enhance classroom technology
- True 24/7 access
- End to end knowledge sharing

Still have to demonstrate value.
-= Gotta have beneficial return for the enterprise.

Rapid pilot of program while they are figuring out
- community
- reach
- how it works
- full costs
- benefits
- why important for the enterprise

Informal acquisition Knowledge Management System (AKMS)
- AKSS - knowledge repository
- ACC - collaborative arm
- BPCh - validated practivces and lessons learned
- Multimedia video and audio library
Formal learning management systems
- Atlas
- Blackboard

Integrated environment
- Asset in one location
- Consumable by ALL locations

[Note to self - get this presentation. Model the system to mirror DAU]

This is still primary push.
- Want to develop a pull aspect
- Get information from the students. Know what employees need and deliver to them at their desk automatically.
+ We think you need this at your job. Employee doesn't have to go digging around for it.

Teaching and Learning Lab
- Where advance learning technology demos occur
- Where trying to create environment where ALL faculty members know everything in their specialty area in the morning
- Faculty needs to grow also
- Classroom
+ Best practices
+ Assess new technologies
- Faculty training
- Virtual worlds
- Telepresence - high def life-size video teleconference. Almost "in person". 2 currently. Getting more. Again - way to reach more people.
- TriZenter - 3 screen presentation system. Increasing interest, retention and recall.

Can do souce selection - get the right experts in right discussion in right point in time.

This is all about process and mindset!!!!!!

Games and simulations
- Putting them in ALL training courses
- Games and simulations require them to internalize and apply
- Also allows employee have fun.
- Learn that fun is good.
+ If a person is having fun, better focused, retain better.
+ Better engagement
+ [pretty funny coming from a formal military guy - esp when he said "I learned this today." Actually - Mr Anderson is drolly funny]

All page turners coming down.
- No one can put a new learning asset up as a page turner in DAU.

DAU first corporate training organization on iTunes U
- Received VERY positive feedback on their iTunes U
- Allows us to contact the future workforce in places that they use.
- Provides a HUGE engine for mobile learning. Didn't have to invent, develop, pay for.
- We had to convince them we are good enough to be there.

Partnering - GMU/DAU
- George Mason U brings things to table that makes DAU better

Intact Team Training
- Right now - improve ability of learning assets to help achieve mission outcome
- Take team with a mission. Work directly with them
- Develop assets and training resources directed at THAT INTACT TEAM
- We are dealing with the direct issues and challenges of the individual team to deliver an outcome
- This is a game-changer.
- How we improve the value of the investment made in training
- This is very very important for any corporate missionary

2003 - Future of training
- Said need to move to point that we have created virtual training spaces
- Avatars in the workplace
- Virtual workrooms where people can show up without travel

Now - team with Air National Guard to create virtual environment Nexus
- Nexus supports DL Training and Live AVATAR-DELIVERED instruction
- Major work underway, including creation of DAU campus.
- Working with DAU faculty on appropriate courses for pilot scheduled Dec 09
- This helps solve the issue with rapidly creating appropriate staging environments.
- Allow students to attend classes without leaving home.
- Expect people to occupy offices in this environment
- Can interact before the formal synchronous course
- Will contain links to courseware and resources
- Will support on-demand face-to-face discussion in ways not currently possible.
- Has PPT, whiteboard, Blackboard, IM, message board etc.
- Can now bring teams together BEFORE deployment
- Reduce travel and related cost.

[Essentially they are seeing this tool to help organize and provide access to EVERYTHING. Synchronous, asynchronous, classroom]

What has helped in developing this
- Instead of taking a bite-size
- When get an idea - just rapidly prototype. Get small success. Not worry about big implementation.
+ Get better understanding
+ Small success
- Willing to go do something, 60-70% success. Improve Then take to leadership.
+ Able to go to leadership with much better understanding of how it works, benefits, how to implement on a larger scale.

How do we take all resources they have to reducce the bad stuff
- Part of ongoing maintenance and curriculum review process
- Right now - taking down all page turners.
- If you are starting a new resource - given specific criteria for acceptance and posting.
- If high use - keeping up while making new product.
- Some areas need low-tech. Still working through that.

Nexus - does the engine and bandwidth create problems? Download? Security?
- If you can't use them at point of need.
- DiaCat - the process. Authority to operate across networks.
- Right now, trying to achieve authority across the 4 processes
- Using Gambrio as an engine

Don't believe that you have to have all of the expertise
- Team and share

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