Thursday, June 04, 2009

#IeL09 DHS Learning Model

....Came in really really late.

Right now - no training facilities.

Groups had challenges with quality of facilities, geographies.

Leadership institute
- Deliver essential leadership training at career milestones.
- Not easy to get $$ to develop GS 11-13 grade

Leadership courses will include:
- Executive leadership programs
- Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program
- DHS Fellows Program (etc.)

Online training - a challenge.
- Enterprise site license with SkillSoft
- Licenses opened up to Families.
- Using Books 24/7

Problem with LMSs - DHScovery
- 10-12 LMSs scattered across departments.
- These are JUST INTERNAL. [and I thought my org had an issue with disparate training groups]
- No one can create a full report for an employee. Just on the course
- Trying to reduce to 2 systems based on 2 platforms. [They are even using different operating systems!] Probably Plateau based.

[I think this is an update of a presentation I attended last year]

Have a Preparedness Center.
- Developing a cadre of "National Security Professionals"
- Inter-agency

Reduced to Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Some have their own LMS attached to own HR system for reporting.
- Was thinking about going to MaxHR. But unions got together to prevent implementation.
- FY09 appropriations - no moneys will be used to implement a performance management system. [WOW!]

There is a "lessons learned" center that really isn't doing anything
- And there are multiples.
- FEMA and their lessons learned have been built into some of the programs.

They are still trying to define roles and missions within DHS
[case study in the hazards of merging different cultures]

Regularly - have major political folks becoming "heads." Developing training to get them up to speed fast.

Everything still very localized. Trying to create "enterprise" training. Still very much in infancy.
- Vision is just not getting transferred to components
- Trying to combine multiple trainings.

[Underlying all of this is the political challenges of getting people to work together and reduce duplication of effort. Struggle over "who has the better material." Struggle over context - because everyone is special.]

Struggle over collaboration
[kudos to the presenter for being brutally honest]

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