Thursday, June 04, 2009

#ASTD09 to #IeL09 The Transition

Eating cereal, drinking tea and collecting my thoughts before I drive out to Fairfax, VA for the Innovations in eLearning conference.

Pretty excited about this one, and have been since I discovered I could actually MAKE both conferences.

Actually, if I was given a choice between the two and couldn't do this cool two-conferences-in-a-week thing, I would have gone to this one.

Innovations in eLearning is a MUCH smaller conference. No expos, no one shilling stuff, better quality free lunches. Just a couple hundred people focused on eLearning.

And some really really big names.

I don't know what Mark O and the gang did to bribe Robert Scoble and Will Wright (Spore, SimCity) to come to this thing. Didn't even ADVERTISE Scoble. Only one of the biggest blogger/social media guys out there....

Last year's talk by Sid Meier (Civilization)got me into gaming.

Really looking forward to this year.


Unknown said...

i *was* sort of given the choice between ASTD and IEL, and I'm glad I chose IEL. More bang for the back, I say.

Wendy said...

After attending both - I firmly agree. IeL is DEFINITELY more bang for the buck.

Already told my employers that I would rather go to Educause next year if they want me to go to a big conference.

Honestly - I think I'm happier at the small ones.

Enjoyed finally meeting you in person! Hope to see you at the next IeL.