Monday, June 01, 2009

#ASTD09 Expo

Spent the rest of the morning meandering the expo.

Met up with Cammy Bean and had coffee. Always cool to meet a fellow blogger after corresponding with them for a couple of years. Thanks for the coffee Cammy!!!!

Also met up with Tom Kuhlman - who remembered me from leaving his session at the Annual Gathering last year (Doh!).

Tom - I didn't use Articulate! I'm working on that! Already told my managers to come see you.

I send lots of people to your Rapid eLearning Blog! Please forgive me :')

By the way - Tom's planning some cool community stuff around his blog. That should be really cool.

More Expo thoughts later. Gotta run and prep for the next session.

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Tom said...


It was nice meeting you and putting a face to the blog. Thanks for the updates as well. I don't get to see many of the sessions so I love to see what others are getting out of the conference.