Sunday, May 31, 2009

#ASTD #IeL09 Big Conference Week

You all are going to see lots of traffic from me this week.

It's Conference Week in Wendy World!

Sunday - Wednesday is ASTD. You will see #ASTD before each of my titles related to this conference to make it easier to track on Twitter (for those of you who use this as your platform of choice).

Thursday - Friday is Innovations in eLearning. Unless Mark O tells me otherwise, I am using #IeL09 before each of my titles. Thanks Clark Quinn for the feedback!!!


I'm never sure whether it is better to attend conferences near home or far away.

When you are far away - your LIFE is the conference. Even if I am able to get away for dinner with friends if I happen to have some in the area, I manage to be pretty focused when I am on business trips. Not much else to do, really. Even the crazy social times all have business and network implications.

At home - it's much easier to get distracted.

I'm going to miss Monday night's festivities due to a class that starts that evening. Yes, I've signed up to get my a@@ whomped in a CrossFit class. I would much rather be drinking beer with you all, but it's something I've needed to do personally for a long time. So if you see me limping / gimping / looking uncomfortable walking around at either conference, you now know why.

Tuesday, I'm only attending the 10am session because of some work obligations. Good thing my office is on a Metro line.

At least I can kinda focus on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I am looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers and tweeters:
- Cammy Bean
- Janet Clary
- Dave Ferguson (who I'm hoping I don't miss on Monday afternoon.)

I also get to see Clark Quinn and Mark Oehlert again.

Should be a good, exhausting week!

BTW - if you run into me at the conferences, stop by and say "Hi." I'm the brunette in the glasses lurking by the power outlets.


Unknown said...

i'll see you at #iel09!

Janet Clarey said...

Wish I could be there. Had to be home for the kids because hubby is traveling (he planned the trip first). This parenting thing would be awesome if there were no kids. Have fun...I'll be following.