Wednesday, March 11, 2009

(Waves Hi to Everyone)

A few odds and ends in more than 140 characters.

I get to go to the exotic locale of Philadelphia PA this month instead of Orlando FL. As a result, I am looking at:

Mark O's Cover It Live for AG 09.

Tracy Hamilton's Live Blog of AG 09 (Way to go Tracy!!!!)

The Gordon Ramsay of eLearning - Shawn Rosler starts the blog just to twitter AG09. That just ROCKS!!!!!

The AG 09 Twitter Feed (Hey Brent - why so worried? See pic lower left)

The AG09 Live! site (new bloggers added regularly - let Brent Schlenker know you are live blogging the conference so the rest of us can keep up)

Wish I was there.

The conference I am attending in Philly 2 weeks from now is a vendor conference. Why did I forgo AG09 (one of my favorite conferences EVER) to go to yet another vendor conference?

Major. enterprise. upgrade.

Anyone who has lived through one of these understands.

When going to a vendor conference (vs. an educational conference), I look for different things.

1) Sessions on anything new that may impact what the organization is currently doing. Much of my time will be spent identifying either things people have complained about in prior versions that they promise they will fix OR looking for potential training hiccups.

2) Training models for that particular application. Maybe another organization is doing something really cool. Or they successfully trained some ungodly number of people in an unrealistically short period of time and it worked. This time - I am also looking for decent, ongoing training and support models.

3) Alternatively, it's good to figure out what NOT to do. I've been to a number of these vendor conferences where the session is advertised as "successful strategies" or what not and the implementation completely and utterly bombed. The bad presenters gloss over the failure(s). Audiences pick up on this and get chippy. The good presenters embrace the disaster.

4) Workflows on particular trouble-areas. This will be the first time I'm attending a vendor conference solely as a trainer. In prior jobs, I've also had some system administration responsibilities. I probably won't be attending as many workflow sessions as I used to because I have absolutely no control over how the system is configured. As part of my prep in this area, I'm going to be asking my IT colleagues which workflow sessions they recommend I attend.

I've got the majority of my sessions for this conference planned out. Haven't decided if I'm going to live-blog this yet. Or if I do, how I want to approach it.

I'll take recommendations.

Captivate 4 - still love it.

Only glitchy hiccup I've discovered so far - I can't seem to save a default filming mode other than Demonstration. Instead, I re-set the filming mode in the new Recording window before each capture session.

Adobe - as soon as I finish trouble-shooting, you'll be hearing from me. I want to make sure it's not "stupid-user syndrome"


I'm now going back into my little cave.

To all in Orlando - have a blast!

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