Monday, March 23, 2009

Greetings from Sunny Philadelphia

OK - so I'm at the Sungard Summit. We are implementing Banner 8 this year.

From glancing at our baseline installation, it appears to me that there will be very little for me to do on the Basic Navigation side. Functional training (the actual steps to take to perform different tasks) will change as the Analysts attempt to convince the process owners to get rid of various customizations that have been addressed in this new version.

The analysts want the departments to do this training. Rightly so.

My goal (which is not a formal part of the project) is to collect as many of these new processes as possible so we can start developing some centralized repository of material.

That and re-adapt our Banner Navigation Fundamentals class so that the bloody thing makes more sense.

So I am attending sessions that focus on training and support models.

The implementations are fresh or in process. Should be interesting.

I haven't quite figured out the wireless here yet. From what I can tell - good luck in the meeting rooms. I have a wired modem in my room - so posting will at least occur during lunch and in the evening.

This morning's project - figure out the wireless.

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