Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Day Odds and Ends

I got a chance to do some sightseeing yesterday.

The Macy's on Market Street in Philly was built as a Wanamaker's back in the heyday of department store shopping. When going to the department store was a special occasion. You would dress up to shop, eat at the elegant restaurant at the store, make a day of it. The classic mother/daughter (or grandmother / granddaughter) day out.

As part of the ambiance - this particular Wanamaker's has a grand organ installed in the main atrium of the store.

In this day and age, the appearance of an ornate organ, racks of clothes, and sale signs seems a bit incongruous.

More amazing, this organ is still functional. I walked in on a concert. Knowing that there are fewer of these grand pieces still around, I was amazed at how everything still worked and the obvious care taken with this instrument.

Definitely beats the insidious "buy stuff" musak you hear in most stores.

I sometimes wonder what we have lost - in this day of practically ubiquitous internet, cell phones and iPods.

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