Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Connecting the Dots - Banner Implementation

Presentation: Connecting the Dots, Training a Campus
Presenter: Brenda Driver, Missouri State University

I did not attend this session - occurred during another session I was attending.
Instead - I am pulling from the materials that Sungard made available.

My thoughts - anyplace that they used large informational sessions may be better served with an interactive online resource. They probably had time and expertise issues (especially since during implementations, the system changes until the last minute), but it struck me from looking at their presentation that those large information sessions had issues with both attendance and retention.

Warning that the materials may not look like production was a good move.....

A few highlights:

2 levels of planning
- Overarching plan for the entire product
- Module-specific plan. Drill down to determine who needs what type of training.

They had 3 different types of training
- Informational - stick a bunch of people in a large auditorium. (Information not retained)
- Hands on - lab for small groups (Better retention)
- Open session - one on one walk in workshops (Best retention)

Who attended which training depended on the needs of the particular group.

Multi-pronged approach to advertising the training
- E-Mails (often ignored)
- Working with Administrators
- Clarify what training a particular group needs - specific distribution lists

"Do a little training in advance and have Open Sessions after the fact"

Used a Master Training Schedule hosted on the Intranet.
- Targeted eMails
- Portal announcements

Missouri State's Training Breakdown

- Finance
+ Who: Originators and Approvers of Requisitions, Users of Budget Functions
+ Training: 3 hour hands-on. 45 minute project overview. 2 hour hands on intro to the tool
+ Gave printed guides and reference sheets. Candy too.
+ 20 person enrollment. Tracked through LMS - ILT tool

- HR
+ Who: Faculty, Staff, Student Employees
+ Training: Time Entry, Leave Reporting, Departmental Time Entry
+ Had large informational and small hands-on sessions.
+ Gave printed reference sheets and stress balls.

- Student
+ Who: Faculty and Staff
+ Training: Registraion, Admissions, Advising
+ Type: Informational, Hands ON
+ Gave reference sheets (no candy or stress balls?)

- Financial Aid and Advancement - training not needed.

- Decided User Support and the implementation team will keep material up to date
- New Employee Training
+ HR provides orientation
+ Rest of training on Supervisor level
+ User Support provides 1-on-1 as needed.

Missouri State has an easily accessible documentation repository for Banner.

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