Friday, March 20, 2009

Conference Prep

Right now, I am preparing my sacrifice to the wireless network gods.

The vendor conference I am attending is being held in 3 different buildings (can you say HUGE). From working in hotels in a previous life, I'm guessing that the likelihood of seamless wireless access will be next to zero.

So, depending on my mood, how good this conference is, usefulness to the eLearning community at large, internet access, and other variables yet to be determined, you may or may not see anything about this conference over the next week.

There may or may not be activity on the Twitter stream as well. Again, depends on the wireless access. Hopefully, if I do Twitter, there won't be many "WTF! Massive FAIL!" type posts. If I'm smart, I'll restrain myself.....

If the conference is looking like it is any good, I may finally identify it. If it sucks....I think I'd rather keep it anonymous. I should know more once I get there on Sunday.

If you don't hear from me over the next week - have a great Equinox.

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