Friday, January 16, 2009

In Preparation for the Inauguration

I live close enough to this weekend's festivities that I can walk from my house.

If I were so motivated.

And I'm not.

Lots of scary tourist people invading DC like a plague of locusts.

Finding out that if I leave my little corner of the DC Metro area anytime after Sunday afternoon morning, I may not be able to get back home.

Oh yeah - and we've been warned we may not have cell phone service. So no communications lifeline. As we speak, I am praying to the technology gods that my cable and internet continue to function over the weekend.

- TP - check.
- Milk - check.
- Enough food to survive one week without leaving the house - check.

Most places around here are closing through Wednesday because no one will be able to get to work.

I grew up here. Never seen anything like it. Hopefully - the reality won't be nearly as dire as the prediction.

Hope for the best. Plan for the worst.

My "to-do" list over the weekend:

- Finish my Dominican Republic vacation video using iMovie. The process is, sadly, going slower than expected. Mac is not my first language.

- "Evil Sue" Hickson - re: Everquest II - you are ON! I'll get in touch with you via Twitter. BTW - is only one of us allowed to be evil?

- Get in contact with the Manager so we can get our Wii's hooked up. I see rounds of Mario Kart in our near future.

- If I have internet this weekend, work more with Twitter. BTW - I think I broke my Blogger to Twitter feed. Harumph. Now I have to remember which tool I used to set it up and what my username / password is.

That should be enough to keep me entertained for 4+ days......

Look for me on Twitter - if it doesn't break this weekend :' )

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