Sunday, January 18, 2009

As Promised: Vacation Video

Ryan's comment after seeing this video
Wendy - that's PARASAILING, not WINDSKIING! Stoo.....


Yes - I say Um. A lot. Ummmmmmmm.......

I am disliking the way the still pics from my camcorder come over using the Mac. Sorry for the pixilation. I need to figure out a better process.

Fruity rum drinks + filming does not = best practice. Thank goodness we have better editing tools now.

I used iMovie on my Mac to edit this video. First time using this tool. Not bad for a first movie edited quickly. I'll have my thoughts on iMovie in a later post.

Update: Turns out we were BOTH wrong - that guy at the end of the video is kiteboarding.


Cammy Bean said...

That was a nice thing to watch while I look out the window and see all the piles of snow! Jealous...

Mostly I enjoyed hearing the sweet southern lilt to your voice (which I had not expected, although you're from Virginia, so why not). As well as your dry wit.

Wendy said...

Any southern lilt you hear in my voice is a result of my years spent in Georgia and Kentucky. Most native northern Virginians sound like they are from Canada :')

Going someplace warm on vacation this year - best decision we've made in a long long time.