Thursday, November 08, 2007

Taureaux Piscine (Bulls and Swimming Pools)

Those crazy French....

One of the beautiful things about a computer moratorium is the necessary rediscovery of books.

For whatever reason, I find myself in ruts when most of my life is on a computer. Meandering through libraries and random reading help me broaden my knowledge pool of odd trivia.

Case in point - Taureaux Piscine. Discovered while reading Calvin Trillin's Travels with Alice on the 6am flight from DC to Orlando.

The entire point of the exercise - stand in the makeshift pool with the bull. Do so - you win. Do it again, win again.

Trillin interviewed the "inventor" of Taureax Piscine, Emile Bilhau who said that the "sport" was meant to be a replacement for the boring amateur events during bullfights.

So why combine bulls and swimming pools?

"I wanted to find the comical point of view. What is there that's comical? There's water. There's a custard pie." - Emile Bilhau

There are other variants as well:

Taureaux Football - soccer in a bullring with a bull in it. 'Nuff said....

Taureaux Pasteque (Bull and Watermelon) - Competitors are seated at a bench with a piece of watermelon to eat - in a bullring with a bull. They must eat the watermelon only at the bench. Those eating contests would be much more interesting to watch if the competitors had to worry about being gored.

I would sincerely like to see what Taureaux Custard Pie might look like....

So much of what we do is a variant of other stuff we already do. It's easy to get into a rut. Mr Bilhau took something common (in his culture at least) - bullfighting - and added an element that created a new sport (of a sort).

What simple thing can you add to your project that will make it out of the ordinary?

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