Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Archive of Moodle Posts

My new job will not use Moodle. They are transitioning from a home-grown, simple web page with a database to Skill Soft. This transition should make great writing fodder in the future

Here's the Moodle implementation - start to finish:

Implementing Moodle

Moodle from Local Host to DNS

Convincing the Boss

Convincing the Boss - the Demo Courses

Convincing the Boss - a Successful First Benchmark

Next Step - Convincing Senior Staff

Arguments for Open Source in a Corporate Environment

Finding Talent Right in Front of You

Stupid Moodle Tricks - Setting Up LDAP

Moodle Human Issues - User Accounts

Decisions Part 1 - User Accounts

Stupid Moodle Tricks - Moodle Videos

Breaking the Impasse

Moodle Benchmark 2 - Convincing the IT Staff

Moodle Benchmark 2.5 - Checking in with the Boss

Issues of Trust

Training Pilots

Crashing Moodle

The Senior Management Un-Meeting

The Middle Manager Meeting

Talk vs. Action

Physician Reaction

Update: Talk vs Action

Practicing Subversion

Preparing for the Moodle Upgrade

While My Moodle Server Weeps

Final Thoughts: Because our EMR implementation was so rushed, and my priorities wound up on projects for sale outside of the organization, we lost a fantastic opportunity to really implement Moodle effectively as a support and teaching tool.

The best opportunity we had was during the training weeks for the EMR Upgrade. I didn't have a chance....

I have finished most of the tutorials for getting through the clinic visits. Administrative workflows are still not finalized so I couldn't build those tutorials, and the Vital Sign function only started working last month. Sadly - I won't have the time to start the sales pitch on the new tutorials.

I've pretty much left Moodle in a position where it can be ignored for awhile until someone decides to take ownership and start the reintroduction process. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

The organization still needs to get through 1 more major system upgrade (the EMR upgrade screwed up our system so badly that the Business Systems vendor REFUSES to start the project until our systems are stable). They have a project on the books that has them absorbing another hospitals IT systems and bringing them up on our EMR (the hospital is as big as we are...and has a whole 'nother set of issues). And I'm hoping they will be able to stop the groundhog day rounds: taking help desk calls, trying to fix them, reporting them to the vendor, testing the fix, reporting new bugs, taking help desk calls, repeat.

Oh yeah - and they are still going to be short-handed. According to the boss, they are bringing at least 4 people, not including my position, a system administrator position that has been vacant for 18 months, and an interface specialist who is leaving in January. I hope those people come soon......

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