Saturday, October 06, 2007

Opportunity, Risk and Worry

Signal vs. Noise pointed to an interesting post on Opportunity and Risk from Marc Andressen's blog. These thoughts are in the context of career, but from my current perspective, they apply to other areas of life too.

Roger von Oech also chimes in on ways to find opportunity (and why those of us who spent way too much time in school may not be so good at recognizing it). Read the comments too.....

Much of my checkered life has consisted of assessing risks and taking opportunities. Some choices worked out, some didn't. Some were given careful analysis (otherwise known as worrying), some just happened. After 37 years, I am finally figuring out that whether things work out or not has no correlation with the amount of time spent agonizing over the decision.

So has this discovery made me start worrying less? Ummm...not really. I'm hoping that awareness of the problem is at least half of the solution.

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