Monday, December 11, 2006

Big Question - Dec 2007

I do a variant of this exercise 3-4 times per year.

This iteration of the Big Question allows me to think about past, present, and future on a more professional and public level.

What will I remember most about 2006?

1) Finally bringing up the last department on the Electronic Medical Record. 5 years of paper to computer conversions in 2 different institutions comes to a close. Not a moment too soon.....

2) Bribing my boss into letting me attend eLearning 2006 and NOT another health care vendor conference. As a result, I managed to escape my isolation from the eLearning industry. More importantly, I found a group of like-minded people both at the conference and in the "blogosphere." It's still nice to have your ideas validated and to know that others sense the same tsunami approaching.

What are the biggest challenges for me as I head into 2007

1) Personal: Implement and train a new program to 2500 people in 90 days. Including configuration and planning. Training time provided: 2 weeks. I hate this trend towards speed with "training" as another part of the implementation checklist. But this is my world...

2) Professional: Brent Schlenker (again) is dead-on. Change management. Not just among the students, but among our fellow professionals. As I've watched and participated in the conversation over the past few months, I think we are circling closer towards workable theories and techniques for incorporating this new paradigm.

What are my predictions for 2007?

1) The sun will rise and set for the next 365 days

2) There will be at least 1 more post from a blogger on blogging

3) There will be at least 1 more podcast from a podcaster on podcasting

4) Educators will continue to fret about how their profession is changing.

To those of you who read my blog, lurkers and commenters, thank you for making 2006 a life-changing year.

Correction: The conference I went to that was so life-changing was eLearnDev 2006 in Utah. I hope next year to make both this conference AND eLearning 2006....if the boss will let me out of my cubicle......

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Tony Karrer said...

Speed and training seem to be linked these days everywhere. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year. Hope other LPs will follow your lead!