Tuesday, July 23, 2019

You Will Never Measure Up

You will never meet expectations.

You will never get everything done.

You will not be number one.

Why not?

Because you are now competing with over 7 billion other people.

You are now measured against instantaneous satisfaction.

You are now bombarded with opportunities and things that you MUST do in order to succeed.

You are told you need to have “more” in order to be successful.

Be “more.”

Do “more.”

Dig underneath the shiny life you see on social media.

What is really there?

I see all of this as an invitation.

An invitation to consider what “successful” truly means to ME.

Maybe you can measure up, meet expectations, get everything done, be number one, and still have an Instagram-ready life.

If you can do all of this without burning yourself to a crisp and destroying your relationships with people you love – kudos.

For myself, I find I need to get very clear on what I need to “measure up” to, the expectations I can (and can’t) meet, which activities I pursue, and what “success” means to me.

The best I can do is determine what I am “measuring up” to and keep my expectations for myself and others achievable.

The best I can do is choose the activities that I know I will enjoy, will help me learn something new, and minimize later regret.

The best I can do is to be the “number one” me. I’m not likely to be “number one” at much else. Even if I managed it, I wouldn’t be there long.

And if all of it is not Instagram-ready – so be it.

Resources: (All links are Amazon-affiliate links unless otherwise noted)

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – Eric Barker does a beautiful job writing about the polarities of success, debunking popular and, often, simplistic myths about success, and the societal demands around success. I strongly recommend the audiobook version.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree (the blog) – Much of Barker’s book stemmed from his blog. The blog provides the baseline research and initial analysis for the material in the book.

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