Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to Pause

Just do it.

OK, maybe it’s not that easy.

Others get uncomfortable with the silence.

YOU may be uncomfortable with the silence.

It’s OK.

We’re trained to talk and be experts and be “influencers” and all that.

We’re trained to DO. Preferrably immediately.

We’re NOT encouraged to pause. To observe. To allow ourselves to think.

To take the space and the time to think through the consequences of the “yes” or the “no.”

To remind ourselves what is important.

To analyze whether the opportunity or idea in front of you moves you towards or away from that thing that is important.

You make multiple decisions throughout a day – whether you know it or not.

Do I have coffee this morning, tea, or something else this morning?


Should I wear the red shirt or the blue shirt this morning?


Do I take public transit, risk driving the Beltway, or call in sick?


Each day is filled with these decision opportunities.

I invite you to allow yourself to pause each time you see one.

It makes for great practice when you are faced with higher-stakes decisions.

I’m doing a quick poll on my Facebook Business Page.

What specific topics should I cover in Dealing with Ideas that Distract? The course will be 3-weeks and the videos will be 1 hour long with an hour of live Q&A.

Comment by number. Choose your top 3.
1) How to intake a new idea
2) Saying “no”
3) Periodization – what should I focus on during this period?
4) Important vs. Urgent – Telling the difference
5) When should the new idea take priority and how to pivot
6) Scheduling and Backlogs – Making room for new ideas

You can respond here or on Facebook. I personally moderate the comments on this blog so it may take a few hours for your comment to appear on this page.

Thank you for your feedback.

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