Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Status Report – Change Planning January

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I’ve been writing, but it’s been a slog.

The cookie-monster bathrobe came back with a vengeance, this time lined in lead. I must be onto something big — I don’t remember the resistance being this strong before.

I am ridiculously grateful for my family, partner, friends, and therapist. They’ve been awesome about holding space for me and reminding me that the voices in my head aren’t objectively true.

I’m also grateful that the discussion around mental health is starting to remove the shame around anxiety, depression, and any emotion that isn’t “happy.”

I have a LOT of thoughts about emotions, how they are manipulated, how certain ones are acceptable and others are not, how some expect us to take their emotional burdens, how others want to control how we feel, how we want others to take our emotional burdens.

It’s been good to pause and ask “How do I REALLY feel about [X]?” “What is triggering [Y] feelings? Are these really mine?”

These questions have a lot to do with the day-to-day of execution. Much of December, for me, was spent getting clear on MY answers to these questions and the importance of asking.

Writing this book has been quite a growth experience for me.

Stepping back and looking at last month (really, the whole of 2018), I made a lot more progress than I had been giving myself credit for.

We’ve crossed the 100-page mark!

Current status:

  • Introduction — 12 pages full draft. (No change)
  • Chapter 1 (Theory) –7 pages partial draft.
  • Chapter 2 (Vision and Values) –24 pages full draft. I am incorporating feedback from the pre-order group and clients regarding Values.
  • Chapter 3 (Roadmapping) — 7 pages full draft.
  • Chapter 4 (Focus and Prioritization) — 27 pages full draft.
  • Chapter 5 (Change Planning Model) — 12 pages full draft
  • Chapter 6 (Planning) — 7 pages full draft, 7 pages partial draft
  • Chapter 7 (Execution) — 14 pages full draft
  • Appendix — Goals Workbook. Sent to the pre-order group for review.

Full draft = Something you can read. Looks like part of a book.

Partial draft = Sentence/paragraph snippets, outlines, personal notes, sources I need to look at or revisit.


  • I will be putting up the whole book (minus exercises) on PubPub once they are in full draft. The review period will be March 1 — May 1.
  • The chapters are shaping up to be approximately 30 pages per. The introduction and appendices (however many there will be) will each be about 10 pages per. Bibliography and notes will likely be about 20–30 pages.

For January— the things I didn’t get done in December…

  • Get the Change Planning Exercise out to the pre-order group
  • Begin outreach to the Publishizer publishers/book publishing services who expressed interest during the campaign.

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