Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tracking Achievement Goals and Habit Goals

Transcript (edited from Temi.com)

Whenever I’m making a change, I want to keep track of both the lag metric or achievement metric towards my goals and the lead metric or habit metric and whether or not I’m practicing those habits towards my goals.

When we work together, we’re going to define an achievement metric. In my case I’m working to reduce my coffee consumption and the lag metric or achievement metric I’m using is just to make sure that my weight stays stable since my goal is actually a habit goal. I want to see whether the habit is going to support my weight staying stable.

I like to think of those habits as being more additive or replacement versus negating. When we define a habit, I’m looking for a replacement habit to drinking coffee.

In my case, my target is six eight-ounce glasses of water. Now that’s probably a little low. It doesn’t mean that’s the only beverages I’m drinking, but that’s what I’m targeting – six eight-ounce glasses of water.

If I get all six, I put a V in. If I’ve made at least a go of it, I’ll put in a P. When I’m feeling really motivated I can put in a comment.

Let’s say that on the 11th day I managed to get three glasses of water. I put in the p and then I can insert a comment so I can see how many I actually got that day from this information.

I created some dashboards. Here, we are looking at how many days I’ve managed to practice that habit and whether I’ve been more successful doing it partially or managing to get the entirety of the habit done.  I still want to give credit for the attempt. I think that’s really important.

If I refresh this, I can see that in month one I’ve done it six times all the way and then four times partially. I can also see the number of days practicing the habit.

I can look at trends. If I refresh this, I can see whether or not I’m being more or less successful.

If I’m having a harder time sometimes doing the habit in its entirety, we can then discuss where the struggle is or where the challenges and what we can do to mitigate that.

Then we can look at achievement habits or the achievement metric that we’ve set for ourselves and look at trend lines for that. I think really being able to see how you’re doing with your habits and how you’re doing towards your goals is really motivating. I hope this helps.


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