Saturday, May 19, 2018

#52books Ask

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#52Books Ask

Format: Kindle

This book appeared repeatedly among the big online marketers as a “great book.”

Fundamentally, the book describes how to use surveys as a marketing tool.

As Ryan Levesque describes, you are both getting important information about your prospective customers’ needs and encouraging engagement and trust.

Part 1 is his personal story and how he came up with the approach.  It’s well written but skippable.

The meat of the book is Part 2 – his step-by-step approach for leveraging 4 different types of surveys to get information from your market and engage prospective customers.

I like the level of detail he provides.

As with all of these “marketing technique” books, the secret sauce is in how you apply the technique to your own business or product.

Application of the technique is much easier when your product and market is like the author’s.  I also suspect that applying these techniques as a beginner marketer from this book is much like following a cookbook as a beginner cook.  There is some implicit knowledge, developed through personal experience, that will be missing when you try to follow the instructions verbatim.

Of course, he has expensive consulting services to help you apply the model to your own business.  The book is a “low-cost product” step in a consulting sales funnel.

I’ve already used surveys (and will continue to use them) to learn how I can best help you.  The process Levesque provides is straightforward enough to be worth an experiment.

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