Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Missing Deadlines

I am coming clean.

I missed my deadline for releasing my new service – Meaningful Flow.

I meant to release it in January and the newsletter the first week in February.

Both are out now, and I’ll provide all of the information at the bottom of this post. It’s all out later than I intended.

I have a visceral reaction when I miss deadlines or I’m late. Hate. It.  It’s even worse when others are waiting.

Right now, I want to provide a public apology for not doing what I said I was going to do when I said I was going to do it and share some lessons learned from this experience.

Lesson #1 – Minimum Viable Product, define what that looks like early.

I fell into the trap of trying to make this big, huge, monster of a thing and get all the pieces perfect. All at once.

You know – the thing I tell others NOT to do. Don’t try to do all the things all at once.  Yeah. That.

It happens.

So many great ideas.  The muse is beckoning.  Then the inner perfectionist gremlin begins to chime in. And it becomes one very loud, unfocused, unproductive party in my head. Paralysis sets in.

Best thing I did in this process – stopped as I started getting overwhelmed by all the things and defined a minimum viable product.

The benefit to this – I now have space to let clients and customers shape this so that it is more useful to THEM.

That’s a win for everyone.

Lesson #2 – Create a clear vision … and keep your eye on it

It is so easy to get into the weeds and lose sight of the vision.

I got distracted from my vision with a bunch of other stuff.  The things I thought I “should” do.

This is where having objective outsiders with a fresh eye to talk to are invaluable.

I had a key one-hour conversation with Julia, a marketing consultant out of the UK.

We had never talked before.  She reminded me of my vision, then helped me take all of the random pieces I had been working on and restructure them into something that better reflected that vision.

Was there rework?  Absolutely!

Am I happier and more confident in how I am developing Meaningful Flow?  Absolutely!

Lesson #3 – Sometimes clarity takes a few drafts

I don’t know about you, but I learn a lot as I create things.

Here’s the difference between agile and running in circles – I still have a decent idea of my objective and WHY I am doing it.

I still want to help make the workplace more humane.

I still believe that to get there will be about supporting individuals.

The specifics surfaced as I worked, received feedback, and talked to people.

And it will continue to do so.

Lesson #4 – Delays can be positive

In late January, after 3 iterations of my marketing architecture, including 2 attempts at webinar software, 2 attempts at email campaign software, and a complete re-design of my marketing funnel – a new product came out in beta that has been solving most of my earlier issues.

I had a choice – launch with what I have or transition everything to the new system.

I decided to transition everything to the new system.

3 weeks later and I feel it was time well spent. I know I am happier.  Hopefully, you will like it too. Feedback welcome.

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