Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Prioritizing What You Want To Do This Year

I will be launching a new service in January 2018 that will help you create clarity around your goals, certainty about what to do, and help you provide a greater impact on your work environment.

In the meantime, I’d like to share a free PDF containing a useful personal prioritization exercise to help you get started.

I hope you can join me on this journey!
Today’s assignment:

With your list of all of the things you want to do this year:

  1. Categorize each goal – Process or Destination
  2. For each goal – is it YOUR goal or did someone assign it to you?  Mark the goals that you are doing for someone else.
  3. For the goals that are YOUR goals – how passionate are you about the goal?  I’m calling this the passion level.
    • 1 for meh or “I should…”  5 for “Hell Yes!”
  4. For the goals that are YOUR goals – how achievable do you feel the goal is? I’m calling this the confidence level.
    • 1 for “when pigs fly”, 5 for “No question – this will happen this year!”

How many “Hell Yes” goals do you have?  Any?

How many “No question – this will happen this year!” goals do you have? Any?

If you have one Hell Yes, this will happen this year goal – you are doing better than a lot of us.  That looks like a goal for the year.

Even a Hell Yes – I think this can happen, just not entirely sure how yet (a level 3)  is awesome.  Looks like another goal for the year.

Ultimately, we are looking for 5-10 goals we can focus on for the year.

Oh yeah – and those goals should be YOURS.  Not something someone else gave you.


A few of my personal goals for the year:

  • Launch a new product/service by the end of 2018 – Hell Yes, this will happen in 2018 (Passion Level 5 /Confidence Level 5).
    • I started the work last year and I’m close to launching – so I’m feeling a lot more confident about this goal.  If you asked me this time last year, the answer would have been Hell Yes, I think this can happen, just not entirely sure how yet.
  • Obtain another certification this year – I want to do this, this will happen in 2018 (Passion Level 4/Confidence level 5).
    • I have the materials for the cert I will be pursuing. I just haven’t started it yet.  The certification is more for pursuing a personal interest vs. anything I intend to use professionally.
  • Read 52 books – Hell Yes, I’m pretty sure this will happen in 2018 (Passion Level 5/Confidence Level 4)
    • This means a 1 book per week cadence.  I’ve got a long list of books to read on my Kindle and they have started breeding again on my bookshelves.  I’m finding that concentrating on longer-form writing has been helping my attention span and, because I have to replace social media time with book time, my aggravation levels.

NONE of my goals were put there by anyone else but me.

NONE of my goals are “I think I should” goals.

Yeah – those things may happen that year – but they are not MY priority.



If you find yourself stuck with writing good goals:

Some other ways to think about goal-setting:


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