Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Importance of Having Many Aligned Visions

The most impactful teams I’ve been on have been teams filled with people who share the same vision.

The vision of what the team needs to accomplish aligned with each of their personal visions.

That alignment wasn’t something they were “persuaded into.”

Each individual member was clear on what he or she wanted.  The individual then chose (often consciously) to be on the project because it helped them achieve their personal goals for themselves and allowed them to do something to create the world that they want to see.

When a personal vision aligns with a project vision, the team member more quickly sees how he or she can help bring the vision into form using his or her skills and experience.

These types of teams, I’ve noticed, go through the Forming, Storming and Norming phases of teambuilding pretty quickly.

I also tend to observe more instances of individuals collaborating and helping.

Any arguments that occur are around how to approach a problem and tend to be respectful vs. why they are doing the project in the first place or political posturing.

You can encourage people to buy in.

It’s a lot nicer to work with people you don’t have to persuade in the first place.



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