Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rewards and Reinforcements

If you are going to make a change, you need to develop the environment for that change to thrive.

You have identified the behavior changes you want to reinforce, right?

From here, it’s time to start evaluating your current environment.

  • What is happening in your environment NOW that will support the changes you wish to make?
    • This includes behaviors people in your environment are already demonstrating.  The more you can support what people are already doing; the less dramatic the change will seem.
  • What is happening in your environment that might block the change?
    • Which obstacles can be easily removed?
    • What needs to happen to remove those obstacles?
  • How dramatic is the change in mindset required?
    • The more dramatic the mindset change, the more time, patience, and reinforcement will be required.

Once you know where you are at, you can review your destination.

  • Is there something new you need to put in place to support the change?
  • Are there reinforcement mechanisms already available in the environment that just need tweaking?
    • Can you add the behaviors to the performance evaluation process?  What is required to do that?  Do you have that level of support?
    • Can you add the behaviors to the job descriptions and career ladders?
  • How open is your organization to different reinforcement techniques?
    • Has your organization tried gamification before? How successful was it?  What worked and what didn’t?
    • Do you have the funding for prizes?
    • Do you have reward mechanisms already in place for collaboration and mentoring?  What would you need to build that?

As you and the organization work through the change, it is up to you to develop the environment for that change to thrive.

Think of it like a scientific experiment. Try one thing. Is it working? Did something else appear that you didn’t anticipate?  Are people gaming the system? Is there an adjustment you can make? Is there something else you can try?

Rewards and reinforcement do not have to be expensive.  They just have to be consistent across the system and across time.

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