Monday, July 11, 2016

From the Archives: Finding Talent Right In Front of You

Allowing others to use their strengths = win for all.

Just takes observation.

And yes...she made the Moodle site pretty :)

October 4, 2006

Michelle is the boss' new secretary. She has been serving as our Moodle tester. Since Ta and I started this project - she pesters me daily, asking when she can test stuff. Very motivating to have an enthusiastic co-worker keeping you on-schedule.

She came by my cube this afternoon - "Do you know where the Photoshop disk is? I need to reorganize this picture." Michelle then unrolled an enlarged screenshot of the consultant's vision of our intranet site. The consultant had obviously not read any web design and usability books and the picture bled with red marker.

My first thought - "Oh my god - reorganizing that picture is going to take FOREVER! How much time does she have to learn Photoshop?!" My Photoshop skills are serviceable (at best) and this was not a small project. Essentially - she had to reorganize every part of the picture and modify most of the graphics. This means (to me) multiple layers and resizing. I sent her off to check the software shelf in the boss' office hoping that a) the disk WAS in his office and b) that the project didn't land on my desk.

About 30 minutes later - I saw her at her desk happily Photoshopping away. "Yeah - I've been doing this in my Digital Photography classes. I LOVE using Photoshop!" I bet it took only 15 more minutes for her to finish.

So I'm going to give her a new project - help me make our new Moodle site pretty. I've been fighting with our new logo hoping make it pretty. Thus far - I have spent 8 hours on this project. Michelle will do a MUCH better (and faster) job.

I learned something today - never ever underestimate the talents and passions of your co-workers. Especially the junior co-workers. You never know what they bring to the table.

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