Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Hardest Thing (Sometimes) is Deciding What To Do

As I write this, I'm paralyzed by choices.

What to do next.

I have some blog posts to write. Detailed, high-mental bandwidth blog posts.

I could write another to-do list, but fear if I do THAT I will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the things I think I should do.

I have a bunch of meetings I need to set up.

A new computer I need to set up.

New tools to learn - quickly.

Niggly personal stuff that needs to get done - like get my car inspected, make an appointment to get more fillings, talk to an accountant and other responsible adult activities (bleh).

For me...big things are easier to break down in small pieces and execute on.

It's all the random small stuff.

  • Write thank you letters.
  • Read up on the current state of xAPI and the JSON space
  • Mess with SharePoint SLK and see if I can't get that working for some old tutorials
  • Fix my Quickbooks
  • Write the conference organizers to get permission to share my recent presentation with the blog
  • Write people to get sponsorship for a conference
  • Get off my couch and get another cup of coffee
  • "Meditate" (ie - sit on the couch and think while trying to get myself to focus on SOMETHING that is not thinking)
  • "Exercise" (ie - get off the couch and pick up a dumbbell x number of times, then go get more coffee)

It's enough to send me screaming to Facebook to look at my family and friend's current political opinions, pictures of idealized lives, game requests and funny cat videos.

Next right things (since I'm here) - get off my couch, get another cup of coffee and write another blog post. 

Thank you for letting me break through my log jam with you.

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