Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Knowledge Centered Support

Screenshot of WKU's IT Help Desk Client Portal.  This particular one is run off of TeamDynamix Service Management solution.
During a conference I attended recently, I encountered the concept of Knowledge-Centered Support.

Kaliegh Belda at Western Kentucky University gave a presentation on this topic that turned out to be the hit of the conference.

This concept is taken from IT Help Desks and Service and is one way to think of learning in bite-size, easily consumable chunks that are updated by the people on the front-lines of support - taking some of the pressure off the training team to update materials. The other benefit I see (and that Kaliegh touched on in her presentation) is that the act of writing the article helps her staff become more familiar with whatever tool they are supporting.

An even bigger benefit is the growth of an up-to-date, easily searchable knowledge library for both the IT staff and the university community. 

This is, essentially, one of the best implementations of micro-learning I have seen in action.
Brief notes on how this works (from my conference notes):

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Phil Verghis said...

Hi Wendy,

As a person who started my career in .edu and found KCS at it's infancy, it can be adapted to an university envinronment easily.

One thing:

Never force people to link an article to every case - better to always 'guide, not grade'.

Some resources that may be useful in addition to the detailed and superb work from the Consortium: