Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Historical Perspective or Why the Internet is Awesome!

I received my MA in History in 1994 from the University of Georgia.

Back in the day....those index cards were the way we organized our notes and thoughts so we could ultimately write our thesis.

The idea was that once we had enough index cards, we can organize them and the thesis would "write itself". (ha!)

No Evernote
No "internet".  We did have computers. And email - kinda.

I studied what I could afford to study  - which equaled something close to where I was since I didn't have a lot of money for travel.

Mentors included whoever was close at hand, and maybe the occasional phone call or letter to someone else.

Hence a thesis on Black Drink in Colonial Georgia. 
Because I was in Georgia.
And near an expert in the Southeastern Indians.
And the plant grew on campus.

Back in the day, we killed trees.  Lots and lots of trees.

I am so grateful for the internet.

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