Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Working with the Unengaged

I was watching a video (not the one posted above) that talked about how one company created a culture of employee engagement.

Interestingly, my first thought was...so how do we make the life of the 70% easier?

I'm thinking that if we can take steps in THAT direction, that just maybe they might become more engaged.

And as an organization, we can slowly build the trust required for the person to become engaged in their work.

In my experience, most people start a job wanting to be engaged.
That takes trust.
Most organizations, from day 1, erode that trust.
For some organizations, this erosion happens even sooner depending upon their recruitment practices.

It takes someone with a really strong compass (and a little bit of a masochistic streak) to overcome that environment.  And they can only do that for so

The key term in the video above is MUTUAL commitment.

So what makes you think you DESERVE an engaged employee.

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