Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rediscovering My "Why"

I’ve been given an opportunity to re-think WHY I do what I do.

My role has been changing over the past year or so.  I’m not doing as much training or tutorial development.  I’m spending more time playing with ecosystems.

How do I help create an environment where it is “safe” to learn?  Where people regularly feel that feeling of accomplishment and mastery.  Where experiments are encouraged and it is safe to fail.  

There’s two parts to this – the physical environment (Do they have the tools to collaborate?  Easy access to the information they want and need?) and the cultural environment (Are they encouraged or punished?  Do people have the space to think?).

The physical seems to be the easier of the two.  “Shopping” and “Implementing” and “Blaming the tool set” is much easier than looking within.

What am I doing that makes others feel safe to learn? To experiment? To fail?

Am I encouraging or discouraging?  Am I triggering feelings of mastery or stupidity?

What makes me want to learn new things?  Share what I’ve learned with others? Share my process?

I think it is because fundamentally – “learning” is the foundation of all change. 
“Learning” and the willingness to be open is the thing that has made my life incredibly rich.  Provided opportunities and friendships and experiences that I would have never dreamed of when I started this blog, much less 18 years ago when I left grad school for the first time.

That’s the WHY.
How do I share that?
How do I encourage others to come play with me in the rich tapestry that is life?

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