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#perspectives14 UNThink

Turn negative stress into positive pressure.
Take control through action.
Presenter: Erik Wahl
(This is one of those presentations that would have been better to film vs. my notes)
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"Who can draw?"  Nothing.
But if he goes to the high schools - 8-10%
Preschools - everyone.

At what age does our creative energy dry up?

The challenge is how to remain an artist as we grow up.

How do we build emotional connection?

Creativity is the new corporate capital.
Look at the space "between the notes"

The Introduction to Poetry - J. Evans Pritchard.
- Objectively calculate the value of each poem and stanza.
- Score the poem and its greatness. THEN you will enjoy it.
- "Bah"

Go outside your comfort zone.
- Fear Factor - all about going outside the comfort zone.

Sometimes it pays to take a risk and take action on an idea.
Trail of breadcrumbs from an umet goal - always goes back to fear.

Fear of the unknown
False evidence appearing real

We let fear paralyze the creative thought process.
Fear KILLS Performance
Amplify your opportunity to scale.
If want to grow your org - got to grow your people
Find ways to emotionally connect
Find meaning

What is a creative idea WORTH?
What is it worth to expand your (tolerance) of risk.
Southwest - "hire for attitude, train for skill"
Hard to train flexibility, adaptability, deal effectively with onslaught of changes....

Built decisions on people and how they are trained and supported with that core.
Imagination is MORE important than knowledge - Einstein
Past experience and success can be the greatest factors that hold you back.
We were all taught, trained, disciplined to be "logical"
- We were trained to search for one, proper, standardized solution.
- Gets worse and we inflict this on others.
- We are taught to become risk averse, and "busy"

We talk about innovation and creativity
But when it comes time to write the check - we do what we have done before...

Linear, logical still necessary.  But FAR from sufficient.
Esp. not to compete and engage.

How do we work and hire smarter vs. working harder and harder......
Trust is the strongest form of currency

If you can humanize your brand - you are better equipped to succeed.
Internet revolution = trust revolution
Internet is social
Retaining talent, recruiting talent = trust

The future of business is social.
We have got to learn to communicate.
(and we have to learn candor)

The future is in building the trust out.

Amplify trust.
Spread out to scale.
The art of great leadership going forward will be in the science of intentionally slowing down,.
How do we build back emotional connection. (Heart)
(This will require slowing down......fighting the addiction to "busy")
Breakthrough thinking - if we break out of the corporate-speak....get more human and access the emotional portion of our mind
This is where breakthrough results blossom.
Sometimes - "gotta get out."
Especially when you "lose everything"
(wish I recorded this - because I can relate.....)

What are you repressing?
What is dormant?

Really - disruptive strategies, creativity, etc.
Not genetic.
Really expressing self.
Looking at things from another perspective.
Creativity is a practiced and disciplined skill.

Emotional connection
(This has been a huge theme this morning)
How are we going to re-awaken the child-like imagination?
How to re-awaken the artistry?
Harmonize notes?
Build the emotional connections that drive future effort?
What standardized testing, six sigma, best practice etc does - it stigmatizes being wrong.
We become afraid of being in the "bottom"

In building a culture of innovation....what happens if you have the best baseball team but the game has changed to basketball.

Trust is the holy grail.

How do we motivate and empower our students?  Help those individuals become the best possible version of themselves.

How do we look at the challenges of business as an opportunity?
Business as usual no longer cuts it.

Remember: education is an industrial model.  Same with our organizations.
Create opportunity by changing the game.
(Hey B-Sharps!  This person Geocaches his artwork! Find it you keep it.  1:45pm - will launch clues where painting hidden @erikwahl and skillsoft twitter.  Let's go look for Elvis!)

Look at the ordinary and take the risk / opportunity to create the extraordinary.
See what those around you see - but have the courage to twist the landscape

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