Thursday, April 10, 2014

#perspectives14 The Spark

Using Buffer (timed twitter)
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Speaker: Lyn Heyward, Cirque du Soleil (another one best to have seen)

Door 1: Great Expectations
- Everyone has a wellspring of creativity
- Tap into it every day and in real life
- Practice.
- Every situation. Every encounter is a creative opportunity
- You have so many choices.
- We are all looking - but not always certain what it is

Door 2: Surrender to your senses
- Our world is constantly changing
- Sometime we are the instigators.  Often - on the receiving end
- Are we sensing everything out there
- Journey inward - technique. Only progresses when go beyond mechanics
  + Gotta trust senses, intuition and self
- Capture new ideas and experiences as occur.  EVEN if don't seem valuable.

(How do you break things down. What are the order of the senses in an experience?  What is the core and which do you want to emphasize?)
Go to the source

Door 3: Treasure hunting and creative transformation
- They look for tough-minded entrepreneurial spirit.  First wave - very street performers
- Second wave - more educated and disciplined.  More refined relationship with the paying spectators
- Third wave - athletes. Intense discipline.  Individual
  + Where they started doing "training"
- How do we take all three
- Don't do traditional casting.  Scouting looking for individuals.  (like sports). Closed auditions.  They are looking for the individual and hidden talents then build show.
- General training - bringing candidates around world.  Have them do things never done before + evaluate core HUMAN value
  + Can you work together to solve problems
  + Risk taking
  + Share?
  + Learn quickly?
- They hire for what they might become and how can contribute.

Creative transformation - So...who are you?
- Who are YOU?!?  Strip them of stereotypical tics and behaviors.
- Work on getting raw being
- Often we define through jobs etc.  Not through creative emotions.
- Lots of onion-peeling....

4 keys
- Work outside of comfort zone
- Try new things and take risks
- NEVER repeat yourself
- Apply creativity to everyday tasks AND to projects

The openness is what is what opens to the creativity.

Door 4: The Nurturing Environment
- Transition from individual to team
- As leader, our most important responsibility is to create an environment for creativity, productivity and personal growth.
- At Cirque - everyone is expected to be generous, creative and "give up" ideas
  + Applies to EVERYONE
- Looking for team players. Try to cultivate

Designer / costumer collaboration.  The creative and the implementor.

Look outside your world and take responsibility for what you are working on.  What THEY are working on.

Also have to understand how the environment we work in impacts the work itself.

They do "dress rehearsals" of the artist before goes out on the show.  For the WHOLE company.
They get a chance to see the performance and say goodbye to the artist.
Teamwork - very prolific.

The decoration of the playground also important.  Remider on a journey.

Door 5: How constraints, challenges, differences and consumer expectations become creative catalysts.
- Restraints help with creativity  Requires resourcefulness.
- Help become motivators for getting the job done.

"There are many ways to do something"
"What best represents you?  Your brand?"
What we do does NOT have to be expensive to evoke the emotions. (or get the job done)

What do you do best?
How do you do that within the "restrictions"?

Also important to understand what is happening around you.

How do you spead positive messages?

Cirque pyramid:
Amazement (92%) / Happiness (88%) / Exhilaration (77%) // Sadness (23%) / Fear (18%)
Urge to surpass myself (23%) / Nostalgia 30%) / Spirituality (31%) / Hope (32%)

Door 6: Risk Taking: Do you ever get burned?
Creativity is all about courage.
Courage to try. Courage to fail. Courage to share the experience.

"You have got to learn to leverage the creativity and credibility you have earned over the years."
You take the risk. you live with the risk. you go beyond that risk.

Complacency is the single biggest risk you take. And least productive.

We have to practice risk taking. "We call this research and development"

Technology to enhance human performance.  NOT replace.  (for Cirque and I think for all of us)
- The human has to stand out.

Door 7: Keeping it fresh
- How do you help it grow.
- How do you keep motivated between projects?
- People notice what the elders are doing.
- How do you encourage?  make them better?
- Employees have to be recognized for what they are doing.
- Gotta be committed to look at product from outside perspective.
- They have artistic directors listen to comments in audience.  They try stuff throughout.
- Don't lose sight of the vast human potential around him.  Share success with EVERYONE.

Continuing questioning relevance in the environment.

Expose folks to product.  Will encourage sense of ownership. AND share success.
- Let the employees oogle the work first.
- also encourage activities.  Let the employees up on stage to play.
- Let people come forward to show their talent too

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