Wednesday, April 09, 2014

#perspectives14 Big Data

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Speaker: John Ambrose (SkillSoft)

McKinsey Big Data paper

Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2014

Overwhelmed Employee - businesses today are struggling to adapt to 21st century
- HUGE increase in data
Employees interrupted by information all day long

Compounded by the fact that we have the most generationally diverse workforce ever

Imperative for us to find better ways to absorb data
- Through tech
- Through better implementation
- Make it simpler

Characteristics of Overwhelmed Employee
- Checks cell phone 150x per day.
- Can only focus for 5 minutes at a stretch (if we are lucky)
  + Attention span plunged from 12 minutes in 1998.  (Yikes)

- People try to contact multiple ways now and not wait.

Everything is "one big now"
- Not just mere speeding up.  Amplification of EVERYTHING happening at this moment.
- Diminishment of what is NOT.
- Becomes very hard to keep site of goals and future

Antidote - how do we deal with the data that is overwhelming us?
- Answer to data overload is data.
  + Like the flu shot
- If we think about data - we can imagine ways we can improve the lives
- Its about using the data more intelligently.

Lots of ways to look at this
- Drive revenue (Wal mart, Visa, Amazon....)
- Decision-making
  + but most people don't know where to start
- New jobs (data interpreters)

(Trick - use data to determine what is the best course of action.  What will make you more effective in the things you are trying to do.  What problem are you trying to solve?)

(Caesar's example - they are using data to optimize the person's experience.  They seemed to start with a question - "how do we get the customer to come back?")

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as data
(This is why the guy came to my room with the speaker gift bag.  He KNEW I was in the room. Kinda creepy actually)
Each module and element in SkillPort - a piece of data.
What are the user content interactions.
Then what is the sequencing?

What is the payoff?
- Key to successful learning program
  + Engagement, alignment, adoption, value

- These are driven top-down

Big data opens complementary path.  Successful knowledge transfer happens at individualized / personallized level.

Find what they need when they need it.  PULL vs. PUSH.

- Learner centered world.
- Away from program centric to user centric

(How do we empower people to learn?)

(So the first step, for me, is to define the measurable behaviors.  What evidence will I have that we are moving towards a Learning Organization)

- Improving user engagement.  (From what to what.  Also - run models and algorithms. Working on this now.)

Big Data
- Engagement sensors. 
- Recommendations engine
- Visualization of WHY you are getting that recommendation

(wandered off at this point to take care of some work stuff)

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