Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Learning Under Stress

----------- As some of my previous posts hinted, there's been a lot going on in my life. My big problem has been focus. Which gremlin do I tackle first? Between the distraction of the work gremlins (walking colleagues through a trainers nightmare, renewing an important vendor contract, preparing for the new academic year and the resulting badly planned "emergency politically-sensitive" projects), a sudden call for jury duty, and worrying about Mom and Dad...it's hard to tell where to start. --------------- The personal emotions around the topic of accessibility right now has made it even harder for me to learn the disability support tools I am currently investigating. It's not just basic "stress". It's fear for the worst. Hope for the best. Wishing that the people I love didn't have to go through this hardship. Finding ways to help. I find myself distracted. Unable to absorb the information I'm learning. Even less able to apply the information. That doesn't bode well for being able to teach it. -------------- This is yet another reminder about the importance of what people bring into any learning situation. Where is their head at? Is there something else going on in their life that is 15x more important than learning a new project management tool? Or how not to harass people in the workplace? Or HIPAA / FERPA / OSHA / etceterA rules and compliance? Or any number of things we force people to learn in the workplace that have nothing to do with business objectives OR personal growth? Because if their head is not in it.... If they too are fighting their own, personal, multiplying gremlins... If what you are teaching and how you are teaching it brings its own emotional charge... Even if they are highly motivated to learn.... It will take a lot more "selling" of your idea. In the grand scheme of their life, your topic is not that important. And that is just as it should be.

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