Thursday, August 29, 2013

Accessibility - Attempt 2

Shane is very good at showing and describing the motions needed to operate VoiceOver + the strengths and limitations of the tool.

Awesome work Shane and thank you.
That night, more than a little blue, I was idly surfing the net with my iPad.....

On the iPad - I noticed that some sites had a Reader button appear in the URL.
Click on it - and it becomes text.
I wonder if there are other accessibility settings in here?  Maybe VoiceOver?

---------- I set up VoiceOver, showed him how it worked, and handed Dad the iPad.
Well, this looks more promising, Dad said as he put the iPad to his nose and squinted to see the screen. Typing, however, was still slow and awkward. Not sure how well this is going to work. ---------- Wendy - did you think about using Siri? My brother is also in the IT space. He has occasional flashes of genius. This was one. I scampered back to the iPad. Can my father draft an email without having to type it? My answer....kinda. I still need to figure out how to delete incorrect text in a way that isn't so frustrating. Furthermore, besides reading and writing emails, is there some way to make my Dad more independent? Not so reliant on Mom to get out and about? As it stands, Dad is still trying to maintain his old normal in hopes that the scheduled surgeries give him his eyesight back. That's part of the process. One of the lessons learned is that people will learn what they need to know when they are ready. Meanwhile - this buys me some time to figure this whole issue out. And pray that we never need to use any of this information.

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