Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Playing with the New

This weekend's trapeze adventure.

Thanks Megan for coming out to play with me and for the video!
This has been the year of playing with the new.
  • Up2Us
  • Overlap
  • Panel Discussion
  • Skydiving
  • Flying
  • Pole Dancing (no - there is NOT a video for this)
  • Stand-up Paddleboarding
  • and the Trapeze.
No - this is NOT a result of a mid-life crisis. (I had that a few years ago - thankyouverymuch)

This is more a result of deciding to familiarize myself with the unfamiliar.
Get comfortable with the the new and novel.
The fear of looking stupid.
Falling off the paddleboard.
Looking like a punk rocker in a mosh pit when I'm supposed to be finding my "inner sex kitten"
Crashing to the ground.
Being "exposed" - intellectually, emotionally

As an adult, dangit, we are supposed to be "good at everything."

I know this fear of looking stupid, this discomfort with the unknown, has kept me from taking advantage of opportunities.

This seemed like a good time to face that fear.

Opportunity knocks!


Unknown said...

Awesome! And with your freshly acquired blacksmithing skills, you can fashion your own trapeze as well.

Been a similar kind of year for me. Not quite as adventurous, but I'm doing more that I long to do. Life is too precious not to be well-lived.

Wendy said...

Joe - "calculated risk." As in - I wouldn't trust my blacksmithing or rigging skills to keep me from getting injured on the trapeze. Better for me to leave that setup to the pros.

Life is indeed precious.

Besides - I want to get everything done in case reincarnation isn't real :)