Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Turns You On?

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that the thing that you love is something that you’re not allowed to love. - Wil Wheaton

h/t to Steve Kamb at Nerd Fitness

In this year's quest to try new things, I took the plunge and accepted Mike Hruska's invite to Overlap '13.  The theme is "Makers."

To say I am excited (and a wee bit intimidated) is an understatement.

LOTS of new people (thankfully, I know more people than I thought I would going in).

In preparation - I came up with 3 questions.
   - How did you learn to do your craft?
   -  Why did you choose to do what you do?  What turns you on about it?
   - How does the stuff you love to do influence and impact the stuff you do for a living (if that person earns their primary living through other means)?
I intend to ask these 3 questions of everyone I talk to during our time in Pennsylvania.

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